Battersea Green Industrial Revolution

Tuesday October 22nd

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Social Event

Battersea Green Industrial Revolution

  • 22 October 2019 19:00 - 21:00
  • All Saints Church, Prince Of Wales Drive, London, UK

At Labour Party Conference this year Labour passed a radical Green New Deal to build on our plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. A bold plan to tackle the climate crisis in ways that enable us to deliver good jobs and social justice across the whole country. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson continues to divide our country and destroy our planet. But our plan doesn’t wait until we get into government, it starts right now with you. On Tuesday 22nd October join Danielle Rowley MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs, Marsha De Cordova, Leonie Cooper London Assembly Member, youth climate strikers and Green New Deal campaigners as well as a host of other local groups to discuss what a Green Industrial Revolution would mean for you in Battersea and plan how we can start making some of those transformational changes now. We understand that this is short notice, but given a possible election round the corner we are taking every free evening to get organised and Danielle has a free evening next week!

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