September's Perry Vale Branch Labour Party Meeting

Wednesday September 18th

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September's Perry Vale Branch Labour Party Meeting

  • 18 September 2019 19:30 - 21:45
  • Lewisham West & Penge Labour Party, 43 Sunderland Road, London, UK

Warmly inviting you to next branch meeting Wednesday 18th September. 7.30pm-9pm, 43 Sunderland Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 2PS. I'm expecting Councilor John Paschoud to present his report sharing his perspective, with time for questions and answers. These reports cover the issues faced and the choices made, and are there to demistify their political work for members and better connect us. I attach this. The Political Education is still to be announced. Facebook event - you can join our branch facebook page to participate there and see the FB event here, by getting in touch with your secretary AGENDA for Perry Vale Branch Labour Party Meeting September 2019, 7.30. 43 Sunderland Road, SE23 2PS (at time of writing Secretary William Miles, Chair Charlotte Carson, Vice Chair Teresa Mary Clark, Membership Amy Fullwood, Women's Officer Fay Odurny, CLP Executive Committee, Campaigns, Officer Laurie Johnston, Treasurer Alan Till, vacancy for BAME officer, youth officer) Timings are intended to be helpful suggestions 1. 15minutess - Welcome Sign in, welcome, greetings, hear any apologies for absence, some catching up, check people have access to refreshents and amenities, people know who's who, and who's in a party elected position. 2. 5minutes Review Minutes Minutes are our written record of the last meeting for future reference. These may need to be amended if necessary to gain members' agreement they are an accurate record. 3. 30minutes Politically Educational Discussion - To Be Announced 4. 5minutes - Election of open officer positions Do we have candidates for roles of Social Media, Youth, Disability, LGBT+, BAME liberation, branch delegate to CLP Executive Committee? 5. 30mins Any Proposed Resolutions/Motions None received at time of writing. We must have enough copies, and it is well recommended best practice to get the motion to the secretary at least a few days in advance so they can be circulated to members for full democratic participation. 6. 30mins Councillor's report presentation, take questions and answers and resulting discussion. 7. Any Officer Reports. 8. Any Other Urgent Business

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