Hastings & Rye Persuasive Conversation Training

Saturday September 28th

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Training (in person)

Hastings & Rye Persuasive Conversation Training

  • 28 September 2019 10:00 - 13:30
  • Tilekiln Community Centre - Tile Barn Road, Hastings, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN38 9QU, UK

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity - and we need you to be at the heart of making the most of it. As Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit for billionaires falls apart in front of our eyes - we can win an election and transform our country forever. Here’s how. We’ve shown time and time again that it's Labour supporters like you who persuade friends, neighbours and colleagues that our policies - from millions of solar panels to a £10 living wage - will transform our country so it works for the many. That’s why we’re setting out to use face to face conversations to win millions of people over. So we’re holding persuasive conversations trainings all over the UK, starting in Hastings & Rye, followed by mass canvass in Hollington to spread the word about our Labour policies and our candidate Peter Chowney. As you read this, rooms are being booked, plans are being made and hundreds are signing up. We’re planning to do this on a groundbreaking scale - and you won’t want to miss out.

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