On-line training - Campaigning in a key marginal

Monday September 2nd

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Training (online)

On-line training - Campaigning in a key marginal

  • 2 September 2019 18:00 - 18:40

At the 2017 general election Labour was just 2227 votes short of being the largest party in Parliament. With the very real possibility that Boris Johnson will call snap election this year we have to be battle ready to win those extra votes to get a Labour Government. That’s why this summer we’ve been focusing our campaign activity in key target marginal seats across the country to support those candidates we need to win to help us form the next government. You can do your bit too. On September 7th we are asking members across the country to go to one of our key target marginal seats and help win for Labour. You might be a seasoned campaigner with lots of experience or a new member with no campaign experience. Each and everyone one of you will be welcome to join thousands of other activists getting Labour’s message out to the voters. To help less experienced members or members who would like to refresh on some of the new campaigning techniques we’re using, the training team at Labour HQ is hosting a series of training sessions. These are easy, fun and you can gain a lot from them – so why not sign up to one of our campaign webinars and join thousands of people like you fighting for a Labour victory whenever the next election is called.

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