Saturday June 29th

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  • 29 June 2019 11:00 - 16:00
  • Pimlico Station, Bessborough Street, London, UK

The shocking and violent behaviour by Mark Field MP towards a female climate change protestor, makes him unfit not just to be a government minister but to be a member of parliament too. The Labour Party is calling for him to resign as MP for the Cities of London & Westminster. His appalling behaviour also reflects his contempt for the climate emergency we all face. Under his watch as Climate Minister over 60 per cent of people in England are living with illegal levels of air pollution. Here in Westminster, where he is MP, deaths linked to air pollution are amongst the highest in the country. Residents are breathing in deadly toxins day in day out. So - come and join our #MarkFieldOut day of action. We will be talking to voters about Labour’s radical plans to cut emissions – and how Labour councils are taking action now to do just that And – of course - we’ll be encouraging residents to sign Labour’s petition calling for Mark Field to resign.

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