Euro Elections Campaign Centre Southall

Thursday May 23rd

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Euro Elections Campaign Centre Southall

  • 23 May 2019 08:00 - 22:00
  • The Broadway, Southall UB1 1QB, UK

I am pleased to confirm that we have two centers for Southall.  Both will be used on polling day  1) 120 Dormer Wells Lane , Southall  UB1 3 JA ( With parking facility)  Will be managed by Cllr Swara Paddha  07950806210  2) 54-A The Broadway ,Southall ,  UB1-1QB  Will be managed by Mrs Zahida Abbas Noori  07855462409  Please note these details.  Other centres are:- Ruskin Hall, Church Rd, Acton W3 8PP – Rosy Leigh 020 8992 5614 77 Haven Lane, Ealing W5 2HZ – Amanda Kent 07912 162048 19 Clauson Avenue, Greenford UB5 4PR – Miriam Rice 07415 592153 Hi all, If you allow me to bring ON the CHECKLIST 🚺🚹I'd remind everyone to use social media because the impact of your efforts go far and wide as possible. To use the hashtags in line with Labour Party. It would also be helpful if we retweet, to get a chain going. 🛂Fill in warp sheets use the guide or ask if unsure 🛂Give VIDS back asap so we can obtain accurate data for the WARP Sheets on POLLING DAY ✅HOW to mark Ballot paper poster printed ✅ADD new campaign centres to organise the Labour Party Website, on FB and members by email. ✅Contact numbers for emergencies ✅Carry Water if hot weather ✅Do not wear Valuables ✅Mobile is FULLY charged bring charger ✅Be vigilant ✅DON'T FORGET TO VOTE YOURSELF! ✅Ask send a thankyou note to your volunteers ✅use social media to ask for volunteers ✅display posters in homes and prominent shops in a visible spot to make the most impact ✅For people who are supporting the campaign from home encourage them to use social media and share Labour Party social media videos on FB Twitter and Instagram ✅campaign centres have items water, toiletries tissue, kettle milk teagbags, sugar. ✅any health issues that we would want to be aware of? bring your meds with you ✅if any of your circumstances change let us know so we can make arrangements quicker. ✅if you can get a timetable schedule available on whatsapp / fb of Southall timings I'm assuming we're working in groups Iram Woolley Southall Ealing CLP EC CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR Auditor Labour Womens Forum Labour Group Observer & School Governor Southall 07969198198 | Latest Post: ‪The campaign trail just keeps on giving here in Southall Ealing ! Join us campaigning. North Rd is supporting @EalingLa... Iram Woolley Labour Campaign @iCreativeIram

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