Democracy Review

Wednesday February 21st

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Members' Meeting

Democracy Review

  • 21 February 2018 18:00 - 20:00
  • Unison, Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1UN, UK

The Labour Party Democracy Review is looking at how our hugely expanded membership becomes a mass movement which can transform society. Together we are powerful and we need to reflect that we are a huge party that wants to encourage greater participation from its membership and support activists in all aspects of campaigning. In the North West region we have thousands of members already actively involved with their Labour party who will have ideas on how we can make this happen and we would like your help to ensure there is as much engagement as possible. The next stage of the democracy review is considering views on ‘Diversity and Participation, Your local Labour Party and Building a Mass Movement’ but we are happy to also hear views on any the next part of the review which deals with Electing our Leadership, How we Make Policy and The Way We Work. Katy Clarke, who is leading on this project, will be joining us.

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